Support Sustainable Agriculture$50,000.00

Sustainable Agriculture

Trees for Kenya work with communities to plant trees on their farms because we know our hard work will pay off. The trees planted by these communities

  • willhelp them to improve soil fertility
  • will help to protect their crops
  • willprovide fodder leaves for livestock
  • willprovide food during the dry season
  • will aid in increasing community income
  • will help fix nitrogen content in the soil
  • willcounter soil erosion and
  • will help offset carbon emissions.

We know our efforts will work because they are supported by scientific evidence and they have community driven,proven,positive results. You can support our work through your donation to continue promoting agroforestry in the communities we touch. Our efforts improvethe quality of lives and the livelihoods of the communities we serve.

Trees for Kenya is targeting the planting of 5 million trees over a period of 5 years, through provision of 19,000 dairy farmers with fodder trees.