Moringa oleifera

Moringa oleifera or as it’s referred Miracle Tree is native to north India but now found in throughout tropics is one of the many trees that we Trees for the Future and Agroforestry is planting with many farmers here in Kenya. Some of the areas we have concentrated planting this tree include; Makueni which lies in the lower eastern side of Kenya and Kisii which lies in the western part of Kenya.

Moringa oleifera has many benefits which includes;

  • Food: Many parts of Moringa oleifera are edible and can be used as food especially during dry seasons when there is scarcity of food and crop failure.
  • Moringa oleifera contains more than 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, and 36 anti-inflammatory compounds. Beside that it also has 18 amino acids, including the 8 essentials that our bodies need to survive but cannot manufacture ourselves. All this is 100% naturally occurring in the Moringa, whereas most multivitamins and calcium supplements available on the market are made using synthetic ingredients that the human body absorbs very minimal nutrients from.A Nutritious Superfood and Natural Multivitamin
  • The flowers and leaves can be cooked as vegetables as well as being mixed with other types of vegetables found locally. When the leaves are used as vegetable, they give our bodies; 4 times more fibers than oats, 4 times more potassium than Bananas, 14 times more calcium than milk, 2 times more vitamins than carrots and 9 times more iron than spinach. When grown in dry areas, the tree will give all nutrients required by our bodies.
  • The seeds can be eaten like peas and also used to treat scurvy skin diseases, insect bites, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, STDs, and boils due to their antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Beside that crushed Moringa oleifera seeds can be used for water purification according to recent research carried out by many institutions. Moringa oleifera seeds for water purification by David EngeMoringa Oleifera Tree Documentary by MiracleTrees
  • The oil extracted from the Moringa oleifera seeds can resist rancidity and also can be used to treat prostate and bladder related problems. Studies are also being carried out on the potential of Moringa seeds being used as a biofuel.

Trees for Kenya is looking forward to Plant 40,000 Moringa oleifera trees with community members from Makueni County. The project will provide 2,000 Makueni Community Members with 20 Moringa oleifera trees seedlings each to plant on their farms to tackle high cases of malnutrition and contaminated water. There are many challenges faced by these community members which includes; High rate of malnutrition among the community members and children’s, Lack of minerals such as proteins, vitamins, beta-carotene and amino acids. Food scarcity especially during dry season’s .Contaminated water collected from shallow wells, earth dams and sand dams. Various diseases which can be cured by use of Moringa oleifera parts and severe effects of climate change.

The Moringa Oleifera tree will provide a source of nutrition to community members, especially during the dry seasons as well as community members using seeds for water purification. Being a long term project, Moringa oleifera will provide more 2000 households with; Vegetables during dry seasons provide community members and children with minerals such as proteins and vitamins. Provide over 10,000 community members with indigenous systems of medicine. Moringa oleifera tree being a drought resistant is also good for climate change mitigation and adaptation .

Girls from Baraka Technical watering Moringa seedlings
Moringa oleifera tree in Makueni
Farmer from Makueni standing near Moringa tree
Mwema with Moringa seeds

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