Fodder trees for livestock improvement

We work with dairy farmers to improve both milk and meat production through planting of high nutrient fodder trees.The use of theses fodder trees, as food sources for dairy cows, increase milk production from 25% to 60%. In addition to increasing milk production in dairy cows, farmers can increase milk production in dairy goats. One liter of dairy goat’s milk earns the farmer $1.50. If a farmer can feed with fodder leaves, the dairy goat can increase milk production to 3 liters a day. This creates a potential earning of $4.50.

In addition, it increases meat production from 15% to 30%. Fodder trees can substitute meals bought from dairy feed stores. Substitution helps farmers save money as they increase their profits from greater milk and meat production. The fodder leaves can also be dried and fed to the livestock during the dry season. These farmers are also expected to reduce dairy methane gas emissions. Methane gas is one of thecontributorsto global warming. According to the United Nationscows are a major contributing source of methane gas.

We are targeting the planting of over 2,000,000 fodder trees with over 19,000 dairy farmers. We hope to aid in increasing Africa’s daily earning power from below $1 to over $3 per day.