Restoration of degraded forest lands

We are implementing an ambitious project of restoring over 1000 hectares of degraded lands inside Mount Kenya’s Forest Our partner organizations include the Community Forest Associations and Kenya Forest Services. These sights experienced massive degradation as a result of illegal activities. These activities include massive cutting down of trees for timber and posts, charcoal burning and Shambasystem. These areas must be restored through tree planting and community sensitization. Our organization helps in establishing sustainable nurseries by providing nursery equipment, training on nursery establishment and management, engagement for communities site preparation, planting and after planting management, and community awareness of natural resource asset valuation.

  • $1 will plant and manage 3 tree until well established.
  • $1000 will restore 3 hectare of degraded forest land
  • $10,000 will restore 30 hectares of degraded forest lands
  • $100,000 will restore 300 hectares of degraded forest lands.

These costs include; raising the seedlings in the nurseries for six months, transportation of seedlings to forest lands, site preparation & pitting, planting & weeding and beating upfor 3 years.