Conservation Stoves

Over 80 percent of Kenya’s population uses open fire cooking. Open fire cooking causes black carbon emissions which contribute to respiratory diseases like severe coughing and cancer.  The cooking method negatively impacts our land-usage by encouraging massive cutting down of trees for fire wood. These practices result in deforestation and desertification. We work with affected population to help encourage adaptation of green energy methods through use of energy conservation stoves. While open fire cooking consumes between 15-20 kilograms of wood, our energy conservation stoves only consume between 2-3 kilograms of wood in a day. They reduce respiratory affects such as running eyes. In addition, these stoves reduce incidences of severe coughing among both mothers who use the stoves and the children who remain close to their mothers while they are cooking food. The stoves may also decrease exposure to cancer causing agents. These stoves are not only healthy alternatives, but they are also smokeless, fuel efficient and can be easily adapted into community practices.

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