Community Tree Nurseries

In addition to its many effects, climate plays a dominant role in determining the distribution and abundance of insects and tick species. These changes happen through its effects on vector and parasite development, and indirectly through its effects on land-use changes, host plants and animals. For us, working to mitigate the impacts of projected changes in climate means working with communities living adjacent to natural forests. These communities are supported to establish tree nurseries which are raised, managed, transported and planted with the objectives of forest restoration and community development. Through our efforts we directly influence land-use change in a positive way. Formerly degraded areas of forest are replanted using indigenous trees, while neighboring communities benefit from the selling of tree seedlings to our organization. Community engagement includes site preparation, pitting, planting and planting management. In addition to its positive effects on land-use, our programs promote sustainability as funds from selling of tree seedlings provide community members with the funds to improve their livelihoods and provide for basic needs.

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